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It Took A Day To Summarize The Renovation Suggestions

About the light:
When it comes to hydropower transformation, when it comes to lights, it is a sad question. Basically, many designers or owners have not thought about the feelings when designing, and the position of the arrangement basically depends on the mood. Illumination, color temperature, white light, warm light basically do not exist well.
There are children, study rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, want to be more comfortable, not so fast, and so on. Consider the position of the lights and the different life scenes. When buying the lights, consult the illumination and color temperature of the lights. The requirements for different usage scenarios are different. Calculate the data of the entire space to match the data. These do not require professional Lighting design ability, but it is the easiest way to make up for it.

Saving money on hydropower transformation:
If the budget is limited, it should not be built on hydropower reform, and the cost is really not cheap.(cheap shower curtains)
Don't be hot, add a socket switch everywhere, and basically it's useless. The usual location puts the socket in place. If you use the frequency very low, don't go everywhere. If you want to charge anything, do two steps and take two steps.
The switch is placed on the main moving line. In addition to the necessary areas with dual control, do not consider more control, an eleven two flat bedroom also get three switches (three control), use it.
If the circuit made by the developer is not particularly necessary, it is not necessary to change all the lines. As long as the line inside is guaranteed to be complete, there is no joint and it can be twitched. These are definitely products that meet the standards.

Not particularly trust, the technology is particularly good, do not look for acquaintances to decorate.
After doing so many years of design, it is basically not a good friend, parents, brothers and sisters, and so on. Resolutely not designing and decorating. All of them are lessons from blood and tears. They can provide suggestions and recommend candidates, but they are determined not to do it themselves or take money.
A lot of things are unfortunate, and the last thing is half the battle. Winning or losing does not matter.
And I have seen too many people looking for acquaintances to decorate. It’s really hard to say what’s going on. We raised it with Party A, and Party A said that the master said that there is no problem, then let's do it, what can you do?

About design and designer
Let's just say, don't say good designers, designers who really spend their time on design, the charge will not be less than 100, so there are owners who say how expensive you are, then who and who told me, The buddy of the son of his friend's grand cousin is only 50.(holiday shower curtain)
But it is not expensive, it is suitable for you.
According to experience, according to the 100 square meter house, if you have all the renovation costs, main materials costs, and furniture appliances costs together below 1500, there is no need to find an independent designer.
It’s not a low budget, but a good designer. It also needs excellent materials to match.
What should I do?
If it is self-installed.
You can spend dozens of flats and ask a draftsman to do more homework, how to put furniture, what style, color, size, and your own needs are told to let him help you draw the effect. You have a good aesthetic, you can also match the good results.
Second, the whole hard-wearing is not to be fancy, just simple.
Think about it, the total budget of 150,000, the design fee has spent 2 million, still very painful.
If it is a decoration company
It seems that all major platforms are politically correct with a critical decoration company. It is true that we cannot kill everyone at one stroke, although we are not a decoration company.
Many designers of the decoration company are also very good and very responsible. It’s just that in this kind of work environment and intensity, there won’t be too much time to do a project, so you can refer to the above model, talk to the designer alone, or pay a part of the cost, design and according to your requirements. With the mix, he can also give some professional advice.
In short, as far as a principle is concerned, if you are temporarily poor, don't be lazy, pro.
Choose an independent designer
Excellent independent designers have their own principles of life
If you do not provide on-site measurements locally, you can basically ignore them. The designers of the cattle have not sent accurate control to the scene.
If you don't look at it at first glance, you can also consider substituting. If you don't know each other, the first impression, including the overall image, will not work. The late cooperation is estimated to be very difficult.
First take a tablet to let you choose a picture, ask you what style, how to install it, you can also pass. The core of the design should start with the needs, live a few people, lifestyle, hobbies, eating habits, color preferences, functional needs of the kitchen, whether pets, children or not.
At least in my opinion, it is your heart to pick up your entire project, from communication, to detail the needs, measurement, detailed mapping, specific dimensions, orientation, lighting, ventilation environment, site hole, field equipment placement, etc., to personally design, design draft Patience, interpretation, design, bright concept, accompanying material procurement, patient purchase, accompanying purchase of lighting, furniture, Taobao to small items, construction supervision, construction progress follow-up, participation in construction acceptance and detail adjustment, etc. Designers need to be involved, because if you only pick one project a month, or only one project in two months, you can only spend time on you.

Living room dining room balcony
The house is small, there are old people or children, and the coffee table is really in the way. And don't like to pack up, it's still messy. You can put a small sideboard on the side of the sofa, usually put a remote control board, magazines, teacups and the like.
For ordinary families, the wine cabinet is definitely a very low consideration, the storage capacity is weak, and it also takes up space. You don't have any wine to hide, and some are empty beer bottles. If the family really has one or two drunkards who must drink every night, I think the hostess will definitely be more annoyed.
Central air-conditioning is definitely not a must-have product. It has been in the South for decades, and it is not a problem. Therefore, there is no need to follow the crowd when decorating. In fact, most people spend their fans in the summer, don't think the fan is too low. Therefore, according to the needs, consider why it is necessary to install, install the necessity, and fit your own living habits, like those who must turn on air conditioning in the summer, of course, say.
People are lazy and the budget is low. It is best to use bricks in public areas, and cheap wooden floors have been used for a long time. There are absolutely chromatic aberrations in the main moving lines and other areas. Expensive floor, can't afford it, and too lazy to care, more annoyed.
If the entrance hall is relatively large, or relatively long, you can consider a dual-control switch or induction lamp.
The dryer is definitely a must-have artifact for the family. I have seen too many living balconies and can only be placed under the washing machine. So many people think that the clothes on the leisure balcony can be used to make more space. How great. However, I thought that when I was in the living room, I saw the clothes floating outside with the wind. I don’t know what it was. If I had a guest at zero, I had to put the underwear down on the balcony first, otherwise I would rather be embarrassed.

I want to say that the open kitchen is really, really, really a great design, not only makes the space feel bigger and more transparent, but also solves the problems of ventilation and lighting. The most important and most important thing is that in the current environment where everyone is a low-end family, the open kitchen can fully maintain the interaction between people in a space.
Everyone is so busy during the day, a family of three eats at night and sleeps at the end of the day. It is easy to separate us for cooking and brushing.
For those who have never used the open kitchen, and who are struggling to resist, they can only keep smiling, hehehe. There are many ways to solve the problem of opening the kitchen with smoke. Even if you can't realize the open kitchen, big double push, transparent window design, semi-open can also be used as an alternative. I feel that in a space, the experience is very important, important, and important, because it will deepen our feelings and divide our feelings.
For the summer kitchen is too hot, there is a product called Liangba, Taobao, you know.
The kitchen is too far from the water purifier. Consider installing a small kitchen treasure. The hot water is straight for one second and it is not expensive. By the way, the kitchen-type water purifier is also very necessary, safe to drink, above all else.
Do not forget to install the check valve in the flue.
The kitchen should not only be equipped with main lights, most kitchen operating areas are backlit, and auxiliary light sources are installed under the hanging cabinets, which is not general comfort.
The design of the kitchen is not only matched with cabinets, countertops, cabinet doors, and ceramic tiles. The most core part is actually inside the cabinet. The reasonable part is divided, the height is the size, the size of the equipment is the position, and the moving line is the core. In the core. It directly affects the use and comfort of the later period, as well as the storage system of the entire cabinet.
It is necessary to use some wall tools and wall-mounted storage racks in the kitchenette. In the future pots and pans, there are many tools for the fork and fork. If the plane space is limited, consider using the three-dimensional space.

If you want to install a bidet next to the toilet, you should consider setting up a separate waterway. The toilet needs to reserve a smart toilet or smart toilet seat socket. Two sockets can be reserved next to the sink, and can be charged by a hair dryer or an electric toothbrush.
If there is only one bathroom, there are children or children, and don't use glass to divide the space too much, the bath for the child is not released.
If the floor heating is installed, it is absolutely great to have a warm towel rack in the bathroom. If not, it is not bad to have a heated towel rail.
Wash basin faucets are long, a lot of too short faucets, water will flow to the countertop when washing hands.
The mirror headlights are not installed on the top, bottom, left or right. It is best to be embedded in the mirror. Beside the mirror, the soft light will shine beautifully.
The hair in the shower is invisible on the white floor tiles, and patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder must avoid it.
If conditions permit, or wet and dry partitions, the utilization rate will increase by a large part, especially in the mornings.
If you don't have time, no mood, or laziness, don't think about the bathtub. It doesn't usually take up space. It has to be cleaned frequently.
The kitchen and bathroom integrated ceiling is a decoration. I have never seen how good it is, and I have never seen how bad it is. As long as it does not change color, it will not change. Taobao has many, and it is also installed.

Bricks that don't like bright light, especially those with excellent lighting, are easy to brighten titanium eyes.
Small apartment (2 homes and below) when the whole room floor is paved, slowly it is warm, the floor is too fancy, it will feel that the whole small space is very fragmentary, simple and warm.
Good laminate flooring is very environmentally friendly, blindly pursuing solid wood, very delicate, maintenance troubles.

Talk about the decoration style
In the past few years, there was a popular bubble forum. Some owners updated the decoration diary on the forum, and finally brought the fire to the light and beautiful style. Jane Europe was called a popular one. With the current Nordic, minimalist and even more popular, but also popular in the Mediterranean, rural wind or something. So the style of this thing can not be eternal, and the time is still very short, there is no need to follow the trend of a certain trend.
First of all, starting from the needs of living, what kind of color system do you like, what kind of home you like, etc. What kind of style can you talk about in a flat more than one hundred flats? Anyway, I am very vague about this concept. Before designing, I will first stylize.
If you don't talk to a designer about needs, talk about living, talk about life scenes. You tell him that what I want in my ideals is the Nordic style, so imagine what kind of picture he will make up. Of course, if you are a big villa, a big leap, a big level, a big space, a high level, another matter.
Even many people will be relieved of the comfort and necessary functions of living for the so-called aesthetics and style.

Children's room
Children and children should not be too fancy, all kinds of colors, all kinds of paint, wallpaper, diatom mud, decorative stickers are on the wall, many children's aesthetic and thinking limitations are really poisoned by parents. Too bright colors can irritate children's vision and thinking, as well as long-lasting influence.
If the child is not yet born, the children's room can be vacant. If the child is still relatively small, you can also simply decorate and retain the necessary functions. After he has independent judgment, he can adjust and optimize it, and participate in the whole process of arrangement. From childhood, he will develop the habit of independence and thinking.

Custom furniture includes all wardrobes, shoe cabinets, bookcases, decorative cabinets, desks, etc. that are custom-made, and are not recommended for on-site production unless you can accept the 80s that you have made. And now the overall quality and durability of custom-made furniture is also very ok, the furniture made on site is relatively rough, and it needs to be painted on the spot, which is polluted and not environmentally friendly.
In the south, if the floor is covered with floor heating and attached tiles, the height of the entire door opening will be shorter, which may be lower than the normal standard door opening, so plan ahead and change the door opening.
Pay attention to the size of all the door holes, especially the kitchen and living balcony. The door hole is too small, and the later appliances can't move in. This stuff can't be disassembled basically.
If it is a custom U-shaped wardrobe, the corner position can be beveled for easy storage and easy access.


shower curtain

In the case of this large-scale water pollution, the water purification proposal is a must. Think of the tap water in the tap water. A front water + a straight drinking water can not cost much.
Leakage protection, air switches, gas leak alarms, all of which must be bought, are essential.
In addition to the extra large and high-rise spaces, I am very repulsive of large chandeliers, crystal lamps, etc., difficult to clean, not practical, but also affect the overall sense of space.
It is necessary to leave a few night lights on the moving line. There are panel type plugs, and there is no need to change the battery.

Don't start construction without making sure that the design will start. In the end, you will find that there may be many construction errors, which will not only waste time, but also waste costs. Plan and renovate.


Continue later and more...


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Toilet Installation Partition Needs Attention

1. It is best to use a tempered glass shower room and then attach a layer of explosion-proof membrane. Even if it is broken under a minimum probability, the damage to humans can be minimized. The thickness of tempered glass is 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc. A variety of specifications, generally 6mm - 8mm can be;(cheap shower curtain)

2. If the floor drain of the bathroom is far away from the shower area, the floor drain must be shifted; if the floor drain needs to be displaced, only the ultra-thin floor drain can be used (there are many submarines, and the evaluation is also good) ;

3, if you do not want a transparent shower room, you can consider frosted glass, or add a shower curtain outside the shower room;

Third, apart from the aesthetics, where is the practicality?

The dry and wet separation effect of the partition is not as good as the shower room; the color style has no shower curtains, and it is expensive. Why do you still have partitions in the bathroom? I think everyone still likes beautiful things, and the dry and wet separation effect of this thing can be ( Except for some semi-partitions, it is important that it is also breathable.

Therefore, some people who think that the shower curtain is relatively LOW and do not want to be stuffy in the shower room can choose to use the partition. The partition has a half partition and a full partition. The full partition is more like a shower room, but it will be more breathable.

Semi-separation is more common. Although the water retaining strip can block the outflow of water on the ground, the problem of water splashing out is still difficult to solve. In this case, it is best to place the position of the toilet at the end of the glass partition, which is not easy to splash water.

The narrow and long type of bathroom is more suitable for semi-separation, the toilet can be placed on the side of the wall with the shower; the material is also made of plastic steel, or directly a wall.

Whether it's a cheap shower curtain, a shower room or a glass partition, we want to be a comfortable bathing environment, but depending on the needs of each other, we need to consider the objective situation of the family, including the size of the family, the bathroom, and the budget. More reasonable choice.

Shower Curtain Composition Knowledge

Lead: An independent privacy bathing space is indispensable in every family, but due to the limitation of the type of house, many families cannot choose a shower room with better airtightness, and can only solve the problem by installing a shower curtain. Shower curtains are very common in people's lives, but do you really understand them? Let's take a look at the shower curtains with the rabbits and rabbits.

The shower curtain is generally divided into three parts: the curtain body, the shower curtain rod and the hook. There are also shower curtains that use a pattern that hangs directly from the ceiling, but this is not common.

Shower curtain rods come in a variety of materials, including wood, bamboo, plastic or alloy materials. The shower curtain rods are generally installed at different positions depending on the position and shape of the shower area, and the shapes are also different. The most common straight-type shower curtain rods are usually fixed to the opposite walls of the bathroom; semi-circular or semi-curved shower curtain rods are often used in shower areas for larger bathrooms.

In addition to traditional plastics and cloth, the new materials commonly used in today's curtains include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), environmentally friendly materials PEVA, wood curtains, bamboo curtains, nylon, pongee, satin, satin noodles. Silk, thick oxford, etc. And depending on the style of the bathroom, there are different designs and designs.


The most common materials for hooks are plastics and alloys.

For the thickness of the fabric of the shower curtain, the thicker the fabric, the better. The too thick fabric tends to affect the breathability and waterproof performance of the shower curtain. It is not easy to dry when exposed to water. It is easy to cause mildew when used for a long time, and is relatively thin. Shower curtain, if the fabric draping feels good, it is also a good product, very comfortable to use. A good shower curtain is to look at design, craftsmanship, workmanship, details, printing effects, and more. Generally, the thickness is usually 0.1-0.15mm. The simplest comparison method is the shower curtain of the same size and the same weight, so the thickness can be determined. In addition, I would like to explain to you that many buyers have misunderstandings that the thick PEVA of PVC is thin. This statement is wrong. Any material is thick and thin, and the thickness is related to the material used for production and has nothing to do with the material.

What should I do if the shower curtain is moldy?

Many households have smaller bathrooms. Dry and wet separation can only be separated by shower curtains. However, the shower curtains are easy to stain with stains for a long time. Plus the air is damp, it is easy to mold. So what about the shower curtain mold? Bath curtains in addition to mildew tips, I hope to help you!

Alcohol spray

Resist the alcohol with water, then spray the alcohol water on the mildew, the dirt, stay for ten minutes, then brush with the old toothbrush, then rinse with water. Alcohol not only removes mildew, but also disinfects and prevents bacteria from breeding.

2.84 disinfectant water to water

Dilute the 84 disinfectant water with water, soak the shower curtain in it, then gently wash the mildew with an old toothbrush, and then wash it. If there are more molds, it is best to wash it for a while.


3. Salt water soak, fine salt scrub

Salt is available in every household. It is also convenient to use. Soak the shower curtain in salt water for half an hour, then scrub with fine salt particles. It is more difficult to clean and can be washed with old toothbrush and salt. Play a bactericidal effect.

4. White vinegar or soda powder cleaning

Generally, the shower curtains are all made of plastic. The dirt on the top is relatively clear. Use white vinegar to water, soak the shower curtain for half an hour, then wash it with laundry detergent. White vinegar, like alcohol, can also be sterilized. Some people think that the smell of vinegar is too heavy. You can also soak the water with soda powder, then soak the shower curtain, and then wash it with laundry detergent.

Suggestion: Do not wait until the mildew is enough to start cleaning. After the rain, open the shower curtain, volatilize the moisture, do not nest together, usually take shower curtain, wash with white vinegar or salt with water. If you are in trouble, you can throw it into the washing machine and drop a few drops of white vinegar, but it is best to put it together with the unused towel to prevent the shower curtain from being deformed and washed away.

Cease To Struggle And You Cease To Live.

The shackles of the leaves of the green leaves will eventually fall into the embrace of the earth, and the beauty of the dedication of "falling red is not a ruthless thing, turning into a spring mud and protecting flowers"; the candle will admire the smashing of the fire and eventually become a ash ash. It shows the fearless spirit of "spring silkworms to the dead silk, wax torch into the gray tears to begin to dry"; people do not give up the good old days, and finally greet a new future before the "life is endless, struggle is not limited" belief.(christmas shower curtain)

The flowers on the street are open, and there is no snow and wind. Everyone's life is an intriguing giant, and the author of this work is themselves. They may have given up because of their failure, they are in the fog, they can't open the thick clouds in front of them, and they can't erase the inner haze; they may have been proud of their success, and they are at the peak of the peak. In the wilderness, there is no end to the scenery; they used to be unscrupulous because of fame and fortune, they were trapped in the abyss, they could not quit hatred, and they could not open their faces and self-esteem; they used to be sorrowful because of their feelings, and they were caught in the sea of ​​love. I can't wait for the good old days, and I can't forget the humble oath. Those who used to be, once things will be written into this giant, printed on paper, in history. Knowing that people are at dusk, leisure time to open this giant, they will: distressed themselves who have failed and frustrated; gratified to have succeeded in their own brilliant; regretted themselves who have gone astray; smirk has quietly paid for himself. The protagonists of these stories are themselves, the life they choose, the stories they have written, and they never regret it!(beautiful shower curtain)

My fifteen years of youth. Maybe my little saplings are just waisted, the branches are slender and soft, and the leaves are light and small. Can not resist the storm and the rain; can not stop the scorching sun; can not withstand the wind blowing; can not hold the cold of ice. My life is fragile and vulnerable. However, there is tremendous energy in this fragile life! That is the insistence on the dream; the love for life; the desire for the future; the collection of the years. I never thought about shrinking, there is no compromise in my dictionary. Yes, I am strong with a firm belief. Three years of experience and experience have made me more confident and powerful. I feel that the stars in my sky are shining, and the ocean of my life is already choppy. I am close to the country of dreams! In just two months, I will step into a new phase - high school! Start my new journey; meet new teachers; make new friends; adapt to the new environment. I wish my day is full of sunshine and hope, and struggle to be a neighbor, work hard!

I am convinced “cease to struggle and you cease to live.”! !


flower shower curtain

Bathroom Shower and Wet Separation Shower Curtain Or Glass Partition Is Good

The bathroom is a shower curtain or a glass partition. Our glass partitions are made by our hometown. Then I use the shower curtains in my new home. I feel that each has its own advantages. See which one you prefer.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages: there are generally two ways to separate the dry and wet toilets:
One is to hang the shower curtain, and the other is to cut off the glass. Some people think that the shower curtain is not graded. Some people think that the glass shower room is too space.

So which of the two methods is better?
First, the glass partition glass partition is relatively high grade (of course, not everyone thinks so). The insulation effect is better than the shower curtain, and the winter bath is warmer. However, glass partitions also have many disadvantages such as:
1. If the glass partition space is too small, the hand can not be stretched when bathing, and the water stain on the glass is difficult to wipe clean for a long time.
2, the price is much more expensive than the shower curtain, and if it is too cheap, there may be safety problems, so the glass partition must buy 3C certified tempered glass.

Second, the shower curtain shower curtain seems to be relatively cheap, but it is very convenient to clean, the water is rushed on the line, the price is only tens of dollars, compared to thousands of glass partitions starting to change, it is not a problem every year. At the same time, if the bathroom space is small, the shower curtain does not occupy space. But sometimes when you take a shower, you will accidentally stick to your body.

Third, glass partition VS shower curtain glass partition and shower curtain choose which is better? This requires everyone to consider the actual situation when choosing. Below we will talk about several scenarios that you may have to tell you whether to choose a shower curtain or a partition.

1, the bathroom is not big, there are children and can not take a bath alone, which means you have to bathe the child, so the shower room can be ruled out, unless your bathroom is larger, custom-made a large


shower curtain

. The size of the general shower room is 1m*1m. You and the child can stand down, but the child is short. When you are squatting, it is not easy. At this time, you need a combination of shower curtain + water barrier. The advantage of the shower curtain is that it is soft and does not get in the way. In areas where there is no floor heating, it is best to use it with Yuba. The insulation effect of the shower curtain is not very good.

2, I think the shower curtain LOW, the bathroom area is larger, some people think that the shower curtain is relatively LOW, and people who want to be sullen in the shower room, you can choose to use the partition, the partition has a half partition and full partition. Semi-separation is more common. Although the water retaining strip can block the outflow of water on the ground, the problem of water splashing out is still difficult to solve. In this case, it is best to place the position of the toilet at the end of the glass partition, which is not easy to splash water. Whether it is a shower curtain or a glass partition, it is necessary to consider the objective situation of the family, including the size of the family, the bathroom, and the budget to make a reasonable choice.

Classification Of rustic Style Decoration

The pastoral style focuses on the performance of nature, but the different pastoral styles have different natures, which in turn lead to a variety of furniture styles, Chinese pastoral style, European pastoral style, and even the rural style of South Asia, each with its own characteristics. Each has its own beauty.

Chinese pastoral
The tone of the Chinese pastoral style is the golden color of the harvest, which is decorated with natural materials such as wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and fabric. There are often rattan products on soft decoration, such as green potted plants, porcelain, pottery and so on. The characteristics of the Chinese style are in the aspects of interior layout, line shape, color tone, and the shape of furniture and furnishings. They absorb the characteristics of traditional decoration “shape” and “god”, and use traditional cultural connotations as design elements to remove the drawbacks of traditional furniture and remove them. Excessive carvings, combined with the comfort of modern Western-style homes, take different arrangements according to the different types of living rooms.

The Chinese-style garden decoration space is about depth, and it is divided by window and screen. The solid frame is made of solid wood to fix the bracket, and the middle is carved with scorpion to make a simple pattern. Doors and windows are very important for determining the Chinese style. Because Chinese doors and windows are generally made of squares or other Chinese traditional patterns, they are carved into various styles with solid wood, polished and full of three-dimensionality. The ceilings are intersected by wooden strips into a square shape, covered with wooden boards, and can also be used as a simple circular light pool ceiling. The solid wood frame is used, and the layers are clear and painted in rosewood color. The furnishings are symmetrical and emphasize cultural significance. The accessories are decorated with calligraphy and painting, antiques, scrolls, bonsai, and exquisite handicrafts. They also show the taste and honor of the master. The woodcarvings are mainly wall-mounted, with cultural charm and unique style. The unique charm of Chinese traditional home culture.

Chinese traditional living rooms are very particular about the layering of space. This traditional aesthetic concept has been completely explained in the Chinese style: according to the difference in the number of people in the house, the functional space is separated, and the “dumb” or the simplified “black shelf” is used to distinguish Where it is necessary to isolate the line of sight, a Chinese-style screen or window sill is used. Through this new separation, the unit house can show the beauty of the Chinese home.


French pastoral
The European pastoral style is designed to appeal to the natural return of the soul, giving people a rich atmosphere. Incorporating some fine late accessories into the design style, it fully reflects the comfortable and comfortable living atmosphere pursued by designers and owners. This living room uses a lot of fabrics and ornaments of floral patterns, and the gorgeous outlines of European furniture complement the beautiful chandeliers. The walls are not empty, and the murals and decorative vases add a lot to it. Flowers and green plants are also a good embellishment.

The European pastoral style can be roughly divided into English pastoral style and French pastoral style. The furniture of English garden furniture is mainly made up of gorgeous fabrics and handmade crafts. The fabrics are beautiful and the flowers are mainly composed of numerous floral patterns. Floral, striped, Scottish motifs are the eternal theme of English rustic furniture. The furniture materials are mostly made of pine and eucalyptus. The production and engraving are all handmade and very particular. American pastoralism is a typical representative of the pastoral style. Because of its natural simplicity and elegant temperament, it is highly praised by people. However, the pure American pastoral style needs to have any elements and spatial characteristics. I am afraid that there are not many people who really understand.

The wine culture that has been enduring for centuries, self-sufficient, self-produced and modernized farms in the post-Agricultural era of France have a profound influence on the French pastoral style. The French people are relaxed and comfortable, and the uncontested lifestyle makes the French pastoral style leisurely, petty, comfortable and simple, and full of life.

The most obvious feature is the whitening treatment of the furniture and the boldness of the color matching. Whitewashing gives the furniture a sense of timelessness in classical furniture, and the matching of yellow, red and blue colors reflects the rich and rich landscape of the earth. The curled curves and delicate patterns of the legs are also a reflection of elegant living.