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Nike kobe11 evaluating

Tonight's actual protagonist is this pair of Nike kobe11. The asymmetric design of the left and right heels also has different meanings. The four bright red lines symbolizing the four inch Achilles tendon suture and the symbol of Achilles on the right foot complement this asymmetry. The overall feeling of shoes is simple. You say that she is not like basketball shoes or football shoes, but like a photographic picture sometimes.


This time, Nike kobe11 returned to the built-in route of the midsole, using the whole Lunarlon damping foam. The forefoot is similar to the free cutting hexagon matrix block, and the single Zoom Air cushioning unit is used in the heel. Compared with my previous kobe10 and kobe9, it is more flexible, light, and resilient.
The front and back height of the entire insole will have a transition from low to high, and the arch also has a small support bulge. The Lunarlon of the forefoot is just right soft, and the zoom air of the back foot is in place in terms of power generation support and cushioning feedback, but it appears in time when you need it.
The flyknit 2.0 knitting technology is used in all Nike kobe11 generation vamps, and TPU thermoplastic fiber similar to fish thread is integrated into the woven vamps. Because there is no lining, the first feeling of this vamp is that it is not as thick as my 10 generation elite.
TPU's "fishthread" integration may be really quietly integrated into the vamp, which makes flyknit weaving technology take a small step forward. I really feel that the vamp of this pair of shoes has good firmness and flexibility, and the feeling of moistening the material is silent, which is always with you,
As an old fan of Kobe Bryant for nearly 20 years, I think it's a happy thing to have such a pair of nike kobe 11 to accompany him through the last season
Finally, to give Nike kobe11 a final evaluation, I think it should be these eight words: heavy sword has no front, big coincidence does not work. It is not dazzling, but it can see some real chapters in the actual combat.see other cheap nike kobe shoes

Five things about nike lebron james shoes 17

In June, LeBron James came to Nike's global headquarters in beverton, Oregon, where he saw his latest signature basketball shoe,Nike lebron james shoes 17-cheap nike basketball shoes, for the first time. From the fragmentary information on the social network, we can see that James's firm determination to pursue speed and support is hidden behind the upgrade.


"As for James' 17th generation signature shoes, in fact, we have a blueprint in mind for a long time. It's all from the beginning, whether it's the construction of a woven upper or the air cushion in the midsole that protects James's feet. " Jason Petrie, the designer of Nike lebron james shoes 17 the cheap nike basketball shoes, said, "this pair of shoes sets a new standard for James' signature shoes, which is also a new exploration of how to better improve the performance of players in the future."

 Lebron James Shoes 17

Here are five key points you need to know:

1. the largest Max Air unit in the history of LEBRON series

For the first time, James put on a shoe with the technology of max air. The air cushion unit is set in the back palm to ensure sufficient cushioning for his explosive field movement. A soft foamed material is directly under the air cushion for better cushioning.


2. The forefoot has two independently set Zoom Air Unit

The combination of Zoom Air Technology and max air technology provides ultra-high cushioning. The zoom air unit in the forefoot allows James to get accurate and effective cushioning support in high-speed motion.

Nike Lebron james shoes 17 (cheap nike basketball shoes) has the support of max air and zoom air dual cushioning technology, which provides enough rebound and feedback for James at the important moment of attack and defense at both ends of the court.


3. New knitposite upper Technology

Based on the bartleknit 2.0 adopted by the nike Lebron james shoes 16 upper, the new Nike lebron james shoes 17 combines the lightweight flyknit weave structure with the hot-melt weave to present different shapes and colors on the upper. This upper offers durability, support and stretch resistance.


4. Represent James's personal details on the tongue

Nike lebron james shoes 16 has a relief of a lion on the heel and a silhouette of James dunking on the sole. Lebron james shoes 17 (cheap nike basketball shoes)moves these details onto the tongue and adds new elements of words and symbols such as "I'm king", "LJ", "23".


5. Lebron james shoes 17 will be available on September 24

The air max 200 website is now available

As one of Nike's most classic series, air max has accumulated a high popularity in more than 30 years of history, and a new pair of Nike Air 200 will be officially launched recently. The design style continues the traditional look of the air max family, and the color is a tribute to the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. Retro upper design and colorful theme make it more suitable for summer wear. Air max unit in the back foot.
One of Nike's classic collections----Nike Air 200.
The upper is made of mesh and leather, the air max unit with a full open heel and a full open window at the bottom symbolizes family identity, and the air max unit at the back foot. It's a pair of shoes with both beauty and comfort.
Inspired by energy patterns radiating from Earth—like the flow of lava and ocean waves—the Nike Air 200 offers a springy Air Max unit for flawless comfort. With exceptional cushioning and modern detailing, this shoe radiates cool.
Visible from the side, the brand-new Max Air unit provides more Air underfoot while the lightweight, breathable mesh in the upper contours the foot. Rubber under the Max Air unit creates a larger profile.
Cushlon foam offers remarkable underfoot cushioning for all-day comfort. Exposed foam in the sole helps to reduce weight and adds flexibility.
Lightweight TPU frame and no-sew skins skins create a modern, sporty aesthetic.Full heel-to-toe rubber coverage on the outsole increases durability.Nike Air 200,is great.

nike Lebron17: the best cushioning for the inside players

The annual LeBron series is getting an update again. The exaggerated design and Nike's most dominant technology configuration make up the new flagship signature boots.


But this time, Nike did not publicize James' new shoes as loudly as before, but just released the shoes through a few advertising videos. Before the official release, James himself had stepped on the new shoes in advance in training. After the release of the release date, many offline stores in China also directly color black and purple Nike lebron 17 sneaked onto the shelves a week in advance, so we are worried about whether this generation of nike lebron 17 is a sincere product, and whether the actual effect can meet our expectations for its flagship positioning.



nike lebron 17



This time, we got this pair of black and purple color nike lebron 17. At the first sight of unpacking the case, the brand-new and upgraded knitposite woven upper came into view. According to the official introduction, this brand-new upper configuration adopts special processing technology and integrates the posite type upper materials to create a stronger coverage effect than the previous generation of battleknit, and can bring double locking feeling. The black, purple, gold and white upper of this pair of nike lebron 17 interweaves the dragon scale pattern. The combination of technology and design highlights the sense of hierarchy, but the final effect is still different.


When it comes to the midsole, nike lebron 17 still uses Nike's most "conscience" cushioning, two 15 mm thick zoom air units on the inside and outside of the forefoot, and a large exposed purple Max in the heel The air unit has achieved a very considerable cushioning performance configuration on the book, but in the actual effect, it is difficult not to let people doubt whether its too thick air unit can really help the players.


In summary, this pair of nike lebron The 17th generation boots are a pair of cushioning shoes that can be used in actual combat, but it's not easy to control them easily, especially for the small guards who like disguise and are light in weight. This pair of shoes is not suitable for such playing methods and body shape. In the actual wearing process, you may encounter the starting delay, the difficulty in changing the center of gravity, and the risk of rollover, etc The problem is worthy of careful consideration. For the big frontline players who are heavier and prefer to go straight, this pair of shoes may be a good choice, which can provide excellent cushioning, but also need to worry about the risk of foot sprain caused by the high center of gravity air cushion. You can make a rational choice according to your playing method.

LeBron soldier 13, a pair of sneakers for actual combat!

LeBron soldier 13, a pair of sneakers for actual combat!


This year's off-season Nike also launched a new LeBron Soldier 13 for our veteran Zhan. Due to the launch collision period with alphabet brother's Nike freak 1, this pair of soldiers 13 is also much less publicized.


LeBron Soldier, a favorite collection of his own, was the first to wear the shoes. This pair of soldiers 13 continues the same style as before, presenting in a classic shoelace free design with Velcro straps.


This time the Velcro is divided into two pieces, one to protect the foot and the other to stabilize the ankle. The design is more concise, but also more functional. Combined with the upper fabric, the shoe body brings a light and textured wearing experience.


At the same time, the shoe is also equipped with Zoom Air cushioning technology with separated forefoot and forefoot, which makes the foot feel soft and provides good cushioning effect. Combined with the injection of TPU stabilization device, it brings excellent practical experience for the wearer. The new James soldier 13 is still very handsome.


LeBron Soldier 13


It Took A Day To Summarize The Renovation Suggestions

About the light:
When it comes to hydropower transformation, when it comes to lights, it is a sad question. Basically, many designers or owners have not thought about the feelings when designing, and the position of the arrangement basically depends on the mood. Illumination, color temperature, white light, warm light basically do not exist well.
There are children, study rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, want to be more comfortable, not so fast, and so on. Consider the position of the lights and the different life scenes. When buying the lights, consult the illumination and color temperature of the lights. The requirements for different usage scenarios are different. Calculate the data of the entire space to match the data. These do not require professional Lighting design ability, but it is the easiest way to make up for it.

Saving money on hydropower transformation:
If the budget is limited, it should not be built on hydropower reform, and the cost is really not cheap.(cheap shower curtains)
Don't be hot, add a socket switch everywhere, and basically it's useless. The usual location puts the socket in place. If you use the frequency very low, don't go everywhere. If you want to charge anything, do two steps and take two steps.
The switch is placed on the main moving line. In addition to the necessary areas with dual control, do not consider more control, an eleven two flat bedroom also get three switches (three control), use it.
If the circuit made by the developer is not particularly necessary, it is not necessary to change all the lines. As long as the line inside is guaranteed to be complete, there is no joint and it can be twitched. These are definitely products that meet the standards.

Not particularly trust, the technology is particularly good, do not look for acquaintances to decorate.
After doing so many years of design, it is basically not a good friend, parents, brothers and sisters, and so on. Resolutely not designing and decorating. All of them are lessons from blood and tears. They can provide suggestions and recommend candidates, but they are determined not to do it themselves or take money.
A lot of things are unfortunate, and the last thing is half the battle. Winning or losing does not matter.
And I have seen too many people looking for acquaintances to decorate. It’s really hard to say what’s going on. We raised it with Party A, and Party A said that the master said that there is no problem, then let's do it, what can you do?

About design and designer
Let's just say, don't say good designers, designers who really spend their time on design, the charge will not be less than 100, so there are owners who say how expensive you are, then who and who told me, The buddy of the son of his friend's grand cousin is only 50.(holiday shower curtain)
But it is not expensive, it is suitable for you.
According to experience, according to the 100 square meter house, if you have all the renovation costs, main materials costs, and furniture appliances costs together below 1500, there is no need to find an independent designer.
It’s not a low budget, but a good designer. It also needs excellent materials to match.
What should I do?
If it is self-installed.
You can spend dozens of flats and ask a draftsman to do more homework, how to put furniture, what style, color, size, and your own needs are told to let him help you draw the effect. You have a good aesthetic, you can also match the good results.
Second, the whole hard-wearing is not to be fancy, just simple.
Think about it, the total budget of 150,000, the design fee has spent 2 million, still very painful.
If it is a decoration company
It seems that all major platforms are politically correct with a critical decoration company. It is true that we cannot kill everyone at one stroke, although we are not a decoration company.
Many designers of the decoration company are also very good and very responsible. It’s just that in this kind of work environment and intensity, there won’t be too much time to do a project, so you can refer to the above model, talk to the designer alone, or pay a part of the cost, design and according to your requirements. With the mix, he can also give some professional advice.
In short, as far as a principle is concerned, if you are temporarily poor, don't be lazy, pro.
Choose an independent designer
Excellent independent designers have their own principles of life
If you do not provide on-site measurements locally, you can basically ignore them. The designers of the cattle have not sent accurate control to the scene.
If you don't look at it at first glance, you can also consider substituting. If you don't know each other, the first impression, including the overall image, will not work. The late cooperation is estimated to be very difficult.
First take a tablet to let you choose a picture, ask you what style, how to install it, you can also pass. The core of the design should start with the needs, live a few people, lifestyle, hobbies, eating habits, color preferences, functional needs of the kitchen, whether pets, children or not.
At least in my opinion, it is your heart to pick up your entire project, from communication, to detail the needs, measurement, detailed mapping, specific dimensions, orientation, lighting, ventilation environment, site hole, field equipment placement, etc., to personally design, design draft Patience, interpretation, design, bright concept, accompanying material procurement, patient purchase, accompanying purchase of lighting, furniture, Taobao to small items, construction supervision, construction progress follow-up, participation in construction acceptance and detail adjustment, etc. Designers need to be involved, because if you only pick one project a month, or only one project in two months, you can only spend time on you.

Living room dining room balcony
The house is small, there are old people or children, and the coffee table is really in the way. And don't like to pack up, it's still messy. You can put a small sideboard on the side of the sofa, usually put a remote control board, magazines, teacups and the like.
For ordinary families, the wine cabinet is definitely a very low consideration, the storage capacity is weak, and it also takes up space. You don't have any wine to hide, and some are empty beer bottles. If the family really has one or two drunkards who must drink every night, I think the hostess will definitely be more annoyed.
Central air-conditioning is definitely not a must-have product. It has been in the South for decades, and it is not a problem. Therefore, there is no need to follow the crowd when decorating. In fact, most people spend their fans in the summer, don't think the fan is too low. Therefore, according to the needs, consider why it is necessary to install, install the necessity, and fit your own living habits, like those who must turn on air conditioning in the summer, of course, say.
People are lazy and the budget is low. It is best to use bricks in public areas, and cheap wooden floors have been used for a long time. There are absolutely chromatic aberrations in the main moving lines and other areas. Expensive floor, can't afford it, and too lazy to care, more annoyed.
If the entrance hall is relatively large, or relatively long, you can consider a dual-control switch or induction lamp.
The dryer is definitely a must-have artifact for the family. I have seen too many living balconies and can only be placed under the washing machine. So many people think that the clothes on the leisure balcony can be used to make more space. How great. However, I thought that when I was in the living room, I saw the clothes floating outside with the wind. I don’t know what it was. If I had a guest at zero, I had to put the underwear down on the balcony first, otherwise I would rather be embarrassed.

I want to say that the open kitchen is really, really, really a great design, not only makes the space feel bigger and more transparent, but also solves the problems of ventilation and lighting. The most important and most important thing is that in the current environment where everyone is a low-end family, the open kitchen can fully maintain the interaction between people in a space.
Everyone is so busy during the day, a family of three eats at night and sleeps at the end of the day. It is easy to separate us for cooking and brushing.
For those who have never used the open kitchen, and who are struggling to resist, they can only keep smiling, hehehe. There are many ways to solve the problem of opening the kitchen with smoke. Even if you can't realize the open kitchen, big double push, transparent window design, semi-open can also be used as an alternative. I feel that in a space, the experience is very important, important, and important, because it will deepen our feelings and divide our feelings.
For the summer kitchen is too hot, there is a product called Liangba, Taobao, you know.
The kitchen is too far from the water purifier. Consider installing a small kitchen treasure. The hot water is straight for one second and it is not expensive. By the way, the kitchen-type water purifier is also very necessary, safe to drink, above all else.
Do not forget to install the check valve in the flue.
The kitchen should not only be equipped with main lights, most kitchen operating areas are backlit, and auxiliary light sources are installed under the hanging cabinets, which is not general comfort.
The design of the kitchen is not only matched with cabinets, countertops, cabinet doors, and ceramic tiles. The most core part is actually inside the cabinet. The reasonable part is divided, the height is the size, the size of the equipment is the position, and the moving line is the core. In the core. It directly affects the use and comfort of the later period, as well as the storage system of the entire cabinet.
It is necessary to use some wall tools and wall-mounted storage racks in the kitchenette. In the future pots and pans, there are many tools for the fork and fork. If the plane space is limited, consider using the three-dimensional space.

If you want to install a bidet next to the toilet, you should consider setting up a separate waterway. The toilet needs to reserve a smart toilet or smart toilet seat socket. Two sockets can be reserved next to the sink, and can be charged by a hair dryer or an electric toothbrush.
If there is only one bathroom, there are children or children, and don't use glass to divide the space too much, the bath for the child is not released.
If the floor heating is installed, it is absolutely great to have a warm towel rack in the bathroom. If not, it is not bad to have a heated towel rail.
Wash basin faucets are long, a lot of too short faucets, water will flow to the countertop when washing hands.
The mirror headlights are not installed on the top, bottom, left or right. It is best to be embedded in the mirror. Beside the mirror, the soft light will shine beautifully.
The hair in the shower is invisible on the white floor tiles, and patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder must avoid it.
If conditions permit, or wet and dry partitions, the utilization rate will increase by a large part, especially in the mornings.
If you don't have time, no mood, or laziness, don't think about the bathtub. It doesn't usually take up space. It has to be cleaned frequently.
The kitchen and bathroom integrated ceiling is a decoration. I have never seen how good it is, and I have never seen how bad it is. As long as it does not change color, it will not change. Taobao has many, and it is also installed.

Bricks that don't like bright light, especially those with excellent lighting, are easy to brighten titanium eyes.
Small apartment (2 homes and below) when the whole room floor is paved, slowly it is warm, the floor is too fancy, it will feel that the whole small space is very fragmentary, simple and warm.
Good laminate flooring is very environmentally friendly, blindly pursuing solid wood, very delicate, maintenance troubles.

Talk about the decoration style
In the past few years, there was a popular bubble forum. Some owners updated the decoration diary on the forum, and finally brought the fire to the light and beautiful style. Jane Europe was called a popular one. With the current Nordic, minimalist and even more popular, but also popular in the Mediterranean, rural wind or something. So the style of this thing can not be eternal, and the time is still very short, there is no need to follow the trend of a certain trend.
First of all, starting from the needs of living, what kind of color system do you like, what kind of home you like, etc. What kind of style can you talk about in a flat more than one hundred flats? Anyway, I am very vague about this concept. Before designing, I will first stylize.
If you don't talk to a designer about needs, talk about living, talk about life scenes. You tell him that what I want in my ideals is the Nordic style, so imagine what kind of picture he will make up. Of course, if you are a big villa, a big leap, a big level, a big space, a high level, another matter.
Even many people will be relieved of the comfort and necessary functions of living for the so-called aesthetics and style.

Children's room
Children and children should not be too fancy, all kinds of colors, all kinds of paint, wallpaper, diatom mud, decorative stickers are on the wall, many children's aesthetic and thinking limitations are really poisoned by parents. Too bright colors can irritate children's vision and thinking, as well as long-lasting influence.
If the child is not yet born, the children's room can be vacant. If the child is still relatively small, you can also simply decorate and retain the necessary functions. After he has independent judgment, he can adjust and optimize it, and participate in the whole process of arrangement. From childhood, he will develop the habit of independence and thinking.

Custom furniture includes all wardrobes, shoe cabinets, bookcases, decorative cabinets, desks, etc. that are custom-made, and are not recommended for on-site production unless you can accept the 80s that you have made. And now the overall quality and durability of custom-made furniture is also very ok, the furniture made on site is relatively rough, and it needs to be painted on the spot, which is polluted and not environmentally friendly.
In the south, if the floor is covered with floor heating and attached tiles, the height of the entire door opening will be shorter, which may be lower than the normal standard door opening, so plan ahead and change the door opening.
Pay attention to the size of all the door holes, especially the kitchen and living balcony. The door hole is too small, and the later appliances can't move in. This stuff can't be disassembled basically.
If it is a custom U-shaped wardrobe, the corner position can be beveled for easy storage and easy access.


shower curtain

In the case of this large-scale water pollution, the water purification proposal is a must. Think of the tap water in the tap water. A front water + a straight drinking water can not cost much.
Leakage protection, air switches, gas leak alarms, all of which must be bought, are essential.
In addition to the extra large and high-rise spaces, I am very repulsive of large chandeliers, crystal lamps, etc., difficult to clean, not practical, but also affect the overall sense of space.
It is necessary to leave a few night lights on the moving line. There are panel type plugs, and there is no need to change the battery.

Don't start construction without making sure that the design will start. In the end, you will find that there may be many construction errors, which will not only waste time, but also waste costs. Plan and renovate.


Continue later and more...


shower curtain


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Toilet Installation Partition Needs Attention

1. It is best to use a tempered glass shower room and then attach a layer of explosion-proof membrane. Even if it is broken under a minimum probability, the damage to humans can be minimized. The thickness of tempered glass is 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc. A variety of specifications, generally 6mm - 8mm can be;(cheap shower curtain)

2. If the floor drain of the bathroom is far away from the shower area, the floor drain must be shifted; if the floor drain needs to be displaced, only the ultra-thin floor drain can be used (there are many submarines, and the evaluation is also good) ;

3, if you do not want a transparent shower room, you can consider frosted glass, or add a shower curtain outside the shower room;

Third, apart from the aesthetics, where is the practicality?

The dry and wet separation effect of the partition is not as good as the shower room; the color style has no shower curtains, and it is expensive. Why do you still have partitions in the bathroom? I think everyone still likes beautiful things, and the dry and wet separation effect of this thing can be ( Except for some semi-partitions, it is important that it is also breathable.

Therefore, some people who think that the shower curtain is relatively LOW and do not want to be stuffy in the shower room can choose to use the partition. The partition has a half partition and a full partition. The full partition is more like a shower room, but it will be more breathable.

Semi-separation is more common. Although the water retaining strip can block the outflow of water on the ground, the problem of water splashing out is still difficult to solve. In this case, it is best to place the position of the toilet at the end of the glass partition, which is not easy to splash water.

The narrow and long type of bathroom is more suitable for semi-separation, the toilet can be placed on the side of the wall with the shower; the material is also made of plastic steel, or directly a wall.

Whether it's a cheap shower curtain, a shower room or a glass partition, we want to be a comfortable bathing environment, but depending on the needs of each other, we need to consider the objective situation of the family, including the size of the family, the bathroom, and the budget. More reasonable choice.